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Your 3-Step Success Formula. Intelligently, Consistently, Relentlessly

My specialty as a business coach is working with small businesses, typically solopreneurs, to set them up for success, so they build their visibility … their client base … and their income.

We’ve all seen the statistics on how many small businesses fail.  It’s alarming!  The odds seem to be stacked against you.  And unfortunately, I think the solopreneur or micro-business faces even greater challenges.

So, why is that?  And if that’s you … what can you do about it?

I see so many small business owners start out gung-ho and then begin to falter at a pretty significant rate.  Some of this is just the result of human nature.

How many of you have ever purchased an online or group program where you start out inspired, stall along the way … and maybe never even finish?

Yeah, we’ve all done it.

I see it over and over again.  So much so that I don’t teach business building in a group setting anymore.  What happens so often is, by the end of the program, I’m putting in more effort than the participants are!

So, it’s not unusual to start out inspired by something, and then, over time, inspiration begins to look like obligation, or even worse, hard work.  Especially if you run into some bumps along the way.

And when you’re growing a business, there are gonna be bumps.

So, let’s talk about what you can do to avoid this fate …

  • First, you’ve got to start out with a strong and compelling vision … one that’ll guide you and keep you centered and inspired when you hit those rough patches.  Do you have one?  Have you revisited it lately?
  • What have you done to build your belief that you can and will be successful?  When I started my business 20 years ago, every morning I’d revisit and expand my vision for success … writing in the present tense … and listing all the reasons why I’d succeed.  Even though I’m a business coach with a complete 10-step system I know works, this was the #1 thing I did to contribute to my success.  Are you building your belief and managing your mindset on a regular basis … especially when you encounter an obstacle of some kind?
  • Are you taking consistent, imperfect actions?  Yes, I said imperfect on purpose!  It’s the consistency of your actions that matters, not so much how perfectly thought out they are.  My clients who struggle the most are the ones who are taking action and start doing well.  But then, they encounter an obstacle and go back to zero again!  Starting over is crushing to morale.  You can always course correct, but the key is to keep moving forward, no matter how slow or even non-existent your progress seems to be.  Remember, the tortoise wins the race!
  • Are you willing to be uncomfortable?  Stretch yourself … especially when you don’t want to.  I remember feeling like a rubber band always s t r e t c h I n g, because everything was so new to me.
  • Are you allowing yourself to rest … recuperate … renew after the stretch?  Not to lose momentum and go back to zero, but rather, to celebrate your successes, even the small ones, and give yourself a little respite … a little grace.
  • Are you treating your business like a business?  Or is it just an expensive hobby?  How much time and effort are you putting into business development on an average week?  Is the time you spend on marketing your business proportionate to the number of clients you want to attract?  Track your time if you’re not sure.  You might be surprised!
  • Finally, are you spending your business development time on the right strategies or are you chasing the next bright, shiny thing?   Check out the video here to see where you should be spending 80% of your time.

That’s a lot to process.  But here’s the bottom line …

You have to be clear on what you’re going to achieve and why it’s gonna happen, and then keep moving forward toward that vision … consistently … relentlessly … intelligently.

Do that and you’ll end up brushing the gloomy start-up statistics aside as you set a shining example of what’s possible for the small business owner who’s committed to making good things happen.

Best Wishes,



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