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Your Best Insights from These 7 Corporate Execs

Check list with pink checkmarksMy husband Tom and I just completed a two-day presentation skills training for seven corporate executives.  It was transformative!

And the transformation was a pleasure to witness.

Here’s a testimonial from the team leader:

“All I can say is outstanding!  We wanted to have our leadership team go through a Presentation Skills Workshop.  We had a desire to have everyone be a bit more comfortable and confident on stage.  We were all nervous and unsure of what to expect.  Denise and Tom throw you into the deep-end pretty quickly. 

But it is so worth it to truly “see” where you start and where you end up after 2 days of being together.  It is absolutely remarkable!  Now, all our leaders have tricks and tips and much more confidence to speak to groups and answer questions on the fly from an audience.  The time away and the expense associated with this top-notch training is absolutely worth every penny.” 

Laura Schield, Chief Operating Officer
Bank Director | DirectorCorps

So why am I telling you this and how does it pertain to your business? 

Because one of the most important things that happened occurred at the end of the two-day event.  We celebrated their progress and truly excellent closing performances with a champagne toast.  Not something we’ve ever done before, but these folks know how to put on an event!

And almost the entire team stuck around for quite some time … on a Friday afternoon … discussing possibilities. 

The team was huddled together, drinking champagne, inspired and excitedly brainstorming how they’d keep what they’d experienced alive prior to their next big event in May.  They talked about doing webinars and podcasts with team members as the lead experts, among the many ways they could leverage their newly honed skills.

And they went a step further to create an action plan and a system of accountability.

In other words, they developed a strategy and outlined a series of actions designed to keep their commitment ALIVE! 

That’s pretty unusual.  Typically, we … as individuals and teams … don’t engage in this kind of follow-up and follow-through.  The result?  The insights fade.  The improved performance doesn’t hold as well as it might with just a little bit of basic reinforcement.

Of course, there’s the plan and then there’s the actual doing.  In this case, I’m very confident the team will follow through on what they set out to do.

But that’s often not the case.

I see so many business owners make a commitment to an action, typically in their marketing approach or sales strategies.  They move consistently in the right direction.  And then, something happens to derail the effort before they get any real payoff.

Maybe they haven’t gotten the results they wanted yet … or they got distracted … or someone said something that caused them to question themselves or their approach.  And so, they stop.  And sometimes they go all the way back to the starting gate!

I get why people do it.  It’s easy to get sidetracked or discouraged, but when I see that happening, I just wanna cry out … “Noooooooo.  Stick with it.”

Did you know research shows that a bad marketing plan done consistently will outperform a good marketing plan done inconsistently?

Think about the implications of that!

The key is following through with dogged determination … that combination of passion and persistence I call grit.  I’ve written about it here.

A well thought out plan + doing what it takes to stay the course = success.

It’s pretty much as simple as that in most cases.

Not always easy, I get it.  But it’s how things move forward and we make our world … both individually and collectively … a better place.

Best Wishes,


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